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Private Photo Editing

Newborn, Portrait and Wedding Editor

Why Outsource?

- Spend more time photographing and less time behind the computer

- Focus on other aspects of your business

- Create consistency in your galleries

- Get your time back!

My editing clients are newborn, portrait and wedding photographers that have a similar clean, simple aesthetic as seen on my website. I am familiar with several of the most popular presets and actions used in the industry today. I have over 20 years of experience with Photoshop and have used Lightroom consistently since it was released in 2007. If the edits you see below match what you are looking for, contact me today for more information!

  • All newborn, studio, outdoor portrait and wedding images are accepted.
  • You don't have to send all of your sessions to me.
  • Space is limited, I will only accept a certain amount of photographers
  • Most edits will be done strictly in Lightroom but I am proficient in Photoshop as well


1. Fill out the inquiry form here.

  • Once you fill out the inquiry form, within 24 hours, you'll receive a PDF guide with everything you'll need to know including pricing and turn around times.

2. Style Consult Form

  • If you are ready to proceed, you will be sent a style form to fill out so that I know how you want me to edit your images. If you prefer to go over this style form on a Zoom call, we can schedule that as well.

3. Complimentary Test Gallery.

  • After I receive your style form, you'll compile a test gallery of up to 50 images from different sessions along with sample edits. I'll send you detailed instructions on how to prepare and send this catalog. Your finished test gallery will be back to you by the next business day.

4. Secure your Spot.

  • Once you receive your test gallery, I'd like your feedback. Please let me know exactly what I can do differently or what you like so that we can move forward. I will then have you sign a contract and send me your wedding and / or session dates that you currently have on the calendar. There is also a $150 booking retainer that secures your spot for the year. This retainer will also be applied to your first editing projects. The contract covers one year of editing services but if at any time you decide you no longer want to outsource, please let give me 30 days notice.

5. Sending Galleries

  • I have detailed instructions on preparing and sending galleries to me. You will need a Dropbox Plus account as well as the newest Lightroom version. Invoices will go out monthly and you will have 5 business days to pay in full. Other payment arrangements can be made if you prefer.

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